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I’m so glad that you’re considering including a wedding album with your wedding collection. I truly believe that a wedding album is a family heirloom, a cherished record of your life together to recall the memories for you and preserve them for others.

Of course, you will get your images in digital format, which you will store in a drawer for safe keeping. You may even choose to print a few images off and hang on the wall, but a wedding album tells a story, a narrative, it reminds you of the feelings and emotions you had at different points throughout the day, jogs your memory on the conversations you had and the reactions of loved ones. A wedding album is special.

What kind of Albums do I offer?

This page covers details of the higher-end, stunning, luxury albums that I offer. These albums are a further step up in quality with much greater customization options and all come in a beautiful matching presentation box. Full details on these albums, along with the simple ordering process, is provided below.

Please do let me know if, having read this, you have any questions at all. I’d be very happy to help and would love for you to own a beautifully printed album of your special day taking pride of place in your family home as you move through married life together.

Do I get any input into the design?

Yes, of course. I will take your favorite images from your gallery and present you with the first round of design. From this point, we will work together to make it perfect for you.

How many images should I select?

You can have as many photographs in your album as you wish, the albums are sturdy enough to take a lot of images, even more so if you opt for a larger size. Your ALBUM collection comes with 10 sides free of charge, equivalent to 20 pages and around 60 images, depending on layout. For a balanced design that’s not too crowded and allows each image to shine, I design around 4-8 images for each double-page spread in the album. It’s natural to want to cram as many shots as possible into the album, but I strongly advise that you do not exceed “6 images” per side or risk losing the visual impact of the album. Sometimes certain images look great as a full-page spread, I will consider this during the design process, but if you have a specific shot do let me know.

Documentary wedding photography

White Lady

The collection to match the dress. White Lady Collection is the essence of the wedding day: clean, elegant, sophisticated. It’s the ideal choice for professional wedding albums, anniversary collections, and even elopements and engagements. Handcrafted, European quality; sleek leatherette, and the choice of white engraved acrylic cover plates accentuate the class and grace of the occasion and your artwork.

Only the finest, most refined products to commemorate the biggest day; only the White Lady Collection.


Documentary wedding photography


Choose one of seven sleek, engraved, black acrylic plate design choices to accentuate the cover and leave an indelible impression on all who view it. The Black Star is distinguishable by its bold cover plates, and standard, classic black leatherette exterior. Yet, you are able to order the Black Star Collection in many leatherette options ranging from bridal white to turquoise to its signature black. This collection is ideal for wedding photographers but works great with portrait and senior work as well.

No matter which colour you choose this collection is sure to be just that: the star of your studio.


Documentary wedding photography


The premium book that I offer is a hand-crafted wedding album with a choice of Textile (Linen) and Leatherette covers on which you can add your own personalization.

These thick, rigid, and durable albums have lay-flat pages for stunning full-spread panoramic prints.  The standard album size is 12″x12″ and comes with 15 spreads and in a beautiful matching box.  Identical 8″x8″ parent albums can also be ordered as a pair.

Discover our wide range of lay flat, flush-mounted Photo Albums with seamless, panoramic, 800 gsm spreads. Each cover is handcrafted as we believe a personal touch goes a long way. These luxury, high-quality, professional Photo Albums are suitable for wedding, newborn, portrait, family, boudoir, or pet photography.


Earthy Palette Leatherette:

Earthy Palette Leatherette

Bright Palette:

Bright Palette

Earthy Palette:

Earthy Palette

Soft Palette Leatherette:

Soft Palette Leatherette

Soft Palette:

Soft Palette


Custom Albums









Further, preserve and protect your client’s precious product and your own artwork with an equally stunning box. Each box is handcrafted and comes with a lift ribbon. You can also add the USB slot if you offer digital files.

White Lady photo album complete album set acrylic personalise professional print lay flat album 4

Wedding Albums





A premium-quality, professional, exclusive wedding album at an incredible price. Hand-created and printed using the latest printing technology, these albums will last a lifetime and showcase your wedding photographs in the best way possible. These albums also come in a stunning matching box.



Further, preserve and protect your client’s precious product and your own artwork with an equally stunning box. Each box is handcrafted and comes with a lift ribbon. You can also add the USB slot if you offer digital files.

lay flat professionally printed Photo Album with hardcover nphoto professional photographer printing lab professional printing services custom




Two beautiful replicas 8″x8″ albums, ideal as gifts for parents, friends, or relatives. These albums contain the same images in the same layout as the main album.



The standard album comes with 10 spreads (20 pages). A selection of approximately 60 images is typical for a well-designed 20-spread album. Up to 40 spreads can be incorporated into an album if desired/required. I will advise if additional spreads are recommended once I receive your image selections from your online gallery.