Hybrid wedding videographer

What is a Hybrid Wedding Photographer?

The best moment from your wedding day in a short video.

I’m a Wiltshire-based wedding photographer and videographer, specializing in preserving the beautiful photographic memories of your wedding using a hybrid cover approach.

A hybrid cover, in the context of wedding photography, refers to a unique approach that combines both photography and short cinematic videos. It’s a way I capture the most memorable moments of a special event, like a wedding, by seamlessly transitioning between still images and brief video clips, typically ranging from 5 to 15 seconds each. This approach offers a comprehensive and dynamic way to preserve the magic of the day. Usialy it is 3 to 6 minutes cinematic film.

If you desire uninterrupted and comprehensive video coverage of specific events during your wedding, it’s advisable to consider hiring a dedicated professional videographer for that specific purpose. Or book my package with secound shouter who can help me during the day. My commitment is to ensure your precious moments are beautifully preserved in photographs, and I’ll work diligently to make that happen.

My approach to wedding film

A romantic & cinematic film of your day

My primary focus is capturing breathtaking photographs that tell your unique love story. However, I also offer the option to create captivating highlight films that beautifully complement your photo album. These cinematic highlight reels condense the most precious moments into a romantic narrative, usually spanning 3 to 6 minutes.

 I want to create beautiful films capturing your special moments, all while remaining discreet and unnoticed.

Why Choose a Wedding Highlight Film?

Wedding highlight films are perfect for reliving the best moments of your special day. They offer an easy-to-watch and share format, set to music, making it a fantastic addition to your wedding photographs. These short films let you cherish your cherished memories again and again.

No Gimbals, No Distractions, Just Authentic Moments. During your wedding day, I work discreetly, avoiding gimbals, fancy sliders, or tripods. It’s just me, two cameras, and a dash of creativity, capturing the most genuine moments and interactions without distractions. This ninja-like approach ensures your wedding memories are authentically and beautifully preserved, as seen through my lens.

It's my version of your day, as seen through my lens. I then take that perspective and transform it into a beautiful, personalized story just for you.

Optional Extended Coverage. If you’d like to have speeches recorded and a longer film, I can bring along a second shooter who will assist me in capturing the additional footage for an extra fee. My main priority during the day is to take photos. Remember, I’m a Wedding Photographer who makes wedding highlight films.

Cinematic Highlight Video

See some of my weddings FILMS

Do you want a wedding highlight film?  but don’t want to spend money on videographer?

Nowadays our cameras are so great that we are able to take photos and record videos. This is a fantastic addition to photographs … You’ll love watching all the best memories from your wedding again and again!

“Krystian made my son Jack and his new wife Martyna day so special. He stayed all day from beginning to end and always had a smile on his face. Great photographer would highly recommend him”

Martyna & Jack –  September 2021

Who Can Benefit from My Wedding Highlight Films?

My wedding films are designed for couples who might not have initially thought of hiring a videographer but are intrigued by the idea of a wedding highlight film. They are perfect for those who prefer an intimate approach over a full-blown production with multiple cameras tracking their every move. I operate discreetly, much like I do as a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, but with the added dimension of cinematic storytelling.

Let’s face it, who has the time to sit through a lengthy 1 hour wedding film? Think of my work as an exceptionally professional, high-quality version of a TikTok/Instagram.

The biggest advantage of handling me for both photography and videography is achieving a seamless, consistent look with a cinematic color palette and minimal depth of field. This ensures your visual content remains cohesive and professional across both mediums while also being cost-effective.