Engagement session at Mells Somerset

Mells in Somerset is a great place for an engagement photoshoot.

If you’re looking for a photoshoot location that’s beautiful, secluded, and timeless, look no further than Mells in Somerset!

Mells is a gorgeous village tucked away in the countryside—and it’s no more than 15 miles from Bath! The village itself has plenty of sights to see and activities to do, but my favorite part about Mells is the stunning riverside walk that leads to the vibrant market town of Frome. This walk takes about an hour there and back at a gentle pace (allowing time for exploration along the way, of course). Whether you’re looking for a workout or just want a casual stroll to clear your head, this path will be perfect for you. It has everything from vibrant green trees to historical buildings to a burbling river—there’s something here for everyone.

A couple session with John and Laura in Mells

John and Laura are a great couple. They wanted some nice couple photos – what I like to shoot the most:)

Our goal was to get to know new locations and have some fun. Laura found a place on the internet with a small waterfall and ruins of old buildings so I was curious about this place myself. I like adventures so I was like that right away 🙂

We drove along the route, but we weren’t sure where we should stop. We ended up in a small car park by the entrance to the deep forest. We were surprised because we did not expect that.;) We were laughing all the way there, but when we got to our destination, it made us speechless. A really beautiful spot!

Old Iron Works &  Mells, Somerset

We could not believe our eyes – it was a paradise for photos! There were ruins that looked like something from an ancient civilization, there was a small waterfall and just next to it was an amazing meadow full of bushes. On top of that, it wasn’t even crowded with people (which is hard to find in spring). This place is called Mells Waterfall and I think everyone should visit there. John and Laura had a great time taking photos for their couple session there and you can see for yourself why below.

Exploring the Iron Works is a fun way to spend an afternoon and there’s a lot to see and do. The ruins of factory buildings are fascinating and there is plenty of water around – some of it running through channels and some of it in ponds. Sometimes this place really does feel like an abandoned city or temple. It’s a magical place and I find it exciting too.

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