4 Tips for PERFECT Confetti Shot

4 Tips for the perfect confetti shot

The ultimate guide on how to create the perfect confetti photo to remember your wedding day by!

A shower of confetti over a newly married couple is a timeless tradition that adds a touch of joy and magic to a wedding day. The flutter of petals creates a beautiful, festive atmosphere, and the perfect photo to remember the moment by. With so many options for confetti, it’s important to choose the right type to create the best look and protect the environment. As a couple, you only have one chance to get it right, so how do you make sure your confetti photo is everything you’ve dreamed of?

In this blog post, I’ll share 4 tips to help you make the most of your confetti shoot, so you can have the perfect photos to remember your special day.

Find the perfect location for your confetti shots

A shower of confetti over a newly married couple is a classic and joyful tradition that adds a touch of magic to a wedding day. Capturing the perfect confetti shot is a must-have for many couples, and it’s important to choose the right type of confetti, as well as the perfect location.

When it comes to finding the perfect location, it is important to find the best backdrops, lighting and angles to make your confetti photo truly memorable. A good photographer will look for a beautiful but reasonably dark background, so that you and the confetti stand out. They will also consider accessibility, to make sure your guests don’t have to travel too far.

It’s also worth discussing your confetti shot with your venue, as they may have specific restrictions or preferred locations. For example, some churches prefer confetti shots to be taken away from the church doors. By working with your photographer and venue, you can make sure your confetti shoot goes off without a hitch and captures the perfect photo to remember your special day.

As a photographer, I know how important it is for my couples to have that perfect confetti shot on their wedding day. The gentle flutter of petals over the newly married couple adds a touch of joy and magic to the day, and creates a beautiful and festive atmosphere. When it comes to choosing the right type of confetti and the perfect location for the shot, I always make sure to work closely with my couples and the venue.

Choose the right size and color of confetti.

Choosing the right size of confetti is crucial for achieving the desired look and ensuring a memorable experience for your guests during the confetti shot. Larger petals tend to create a more dramatic and impactful look in photos, while smaller petals create a more delicate and romantic vibe. Consider the location and the overall look you want to achieve when deciding on the size of the confetti.

When it comes to the color of confetti, there are different options of natural petal confetti to choose from. Small petals, such as delphiniums or wildflowers, are the best choice for throwing as they are light and fall delicately, allowing your photographer ample time to capture the magical moment.

I think having big, beautiful pieces of confetti will show up much better in photos and give us the impact we want. Small confetti pieces can be harder to see in pictures and also tend to get stuck in hair and clothes, which wouldn’t be ideal before taking portraits.

Ensure your guests know how to throw!

Make sure your guests are properly instructed on how to throw the confetti. Though it may seem straightforward, it’s crucial to have a successful confetti moment and the technique of throwing makes all the difference.

Get one of your bridesmaids or ushers to organize the shot and get everyone close together. Then, tell ’em to go wild and throw that confetti as high as they can! Trust me, the higher the better. And, pro tip: make sure they’re not aiming the confetti straight at your face. Let’s keep it classy, peeps.

Perfect Set-up and timing for Stunning Confetti Photos

To capture the ideal confetti moments, there are two main methods to set up the shot:

  • the newlyweds standing in the middle of a circle or semi-circle of guests,
  • or the guests forming two lines for the newlyweds to walk through a confetti tunnel.

Both options are great, so it’s totally up to you! These photos make fantastic memories to display on your wall, in your wedding album, or as thank-you cards for your guests.

Don’t forget to have plenty of confetti on hand! Even with a countdown, some guests might forget to throw or want to start too early. To avoid any issues, I suggest having two handfuls per person. Plus, if there’s a gust of wind that blows the confetti away, you’ll have a second chance.

If you’re walking through a confetti tunnel with your photographer, take your time! Smile at your guests, punch the air with your bouquet…even stop halfway for a kiss and enjoy the moment as you celebrate your marriage. And, if you want to walk through the tunnel as you leave the church, make sure to let your vicar and photographer know in advance so your guests can be asked to leave first and the photographer can set everything up for your exit as newlyweds.

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Ensure your guests know how to throw!

In conclusion, a confetti shower is a timeless tradition that adds a touch of joy and magic to a wedding day. Capturing the perfect confetti photo requires careful planning and attention to detail. To ensure a successful confetti shoot, choose the right location with the best backdrops, lighting and angles, choose the right size and color of confetti, instruct your guests on the proper technique of throwing, and have a plan for the set-up and timing. With these tips in mind, you can create stunning confetti photos that will be a beautiful and lasting memory of your special day.

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All You Need to Know about Perfect Confetti Shoot

When should you do a confetti shot?

Typically, a confetti line is organized after the ceremony when all the guests are gathered together. The photographer or wedding coordinator will arrange the guests into two lines, and someone in the wedding party will give out the confetti or they can be on stand ready to collect.

How much confetti do I need?

One liter of confetti typically fills 10 standard confetti cones, or 10 handfuls, depending on the desired amount. This translates to one generous serving or two small handfuls per person for a group of 10 people.

For a 100-guest wedding, it’s estimated that approximately 50 guests will choose to throw confetti. To ensure that each guest has enough confetti to toss, you should purchase at least 5 liters of confetti. This will give you 50 handfuls of confetti, ensuring that each of your 50 guests has enough to toss during the celebration.

Do guests bring their own confetti?

Traditionally, wedding guests used to bring their own confetti to weddings, but this custom has become less common in recent times. Therefore, if you have your heart set on being showered with confetti, you may need to supply it yourself.

What are the rules for confetti? Why they are not always allowed?

Confetti is often restricted at wedding venues due to its potential impact on the environment and the difficulty of cleaning up after the event. To address these concerns, many venues now ban traditional paper confetti and require the use of biodegradable options instead. Biodegradable confetti, such as natural petal confetti, is more sustainable and less harmful to wildlife.

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