M & J – Wedding in Bournemouth

Wedding in Bournemouth

This wedding was one big unknown. Martyna and Jack are amazing. In these difficult times, they proved that anything is possible.
Two people who are so much in love with each other decide to go no matter what and have an amazing Miramar Wedding In Bournemouth. All we know It’s not easy to plan a wedding. Especially during a pandemic. 2 venues, many rollercoasters but they made it. I felt honored to have been there to witness & document their love!

That was such an amazing wedding and would like to share this story with you! This wedding at the Miramar Hotel will go down in history.

All amazing suppliers that helped to make that day as perfect as possible.

Florist: Lisa Kyprianou
Cake: Annette Langley-Tayler
Makeup Artist: Oliwia Siller
Hairdresser: Hannah
Suit: Isobel’s Bridal and Groom
Transport: Excelsior Coaches Ltd – Beautiful VR bus

Dorest wedding photographer: A Bournemouth Wedding Story


In the charming coastal town of Bournemouth, against the backdrop of a sun-kissed day and the promise of new beginnings, Martyna and Jack embarked on a journey that would forever unite their hearts. Their love story began with a serendipitous twist when Ryanair introduced a new route between Kraków and Bournemouth in the autumn of 2019, setting the stage for a delightful encounter that would culminate in a beautiful wedding. Join us on a journey through their unique love story, wedding preparations, and a heartwarming ceremony that epitomizes the power of love.

Wedding story: A Match Made in the Clouds

Martyna and Jack’s love story started during a time in their lives when wanderlust and a thirst for adventure were at the forefront of their minds. Both eager to explore the world, they turned to a familiar tool for connecting with like-minded individuals: Tinder. Fate, it seems, had a hand in their story when the app brought them together. Jack was drawn to Martyna’s photo from her travels in Egypt, and she, in turn, liked Jack’s image sipping coffee in Venice. From these small digital sparks, their connection grew.

Their initial conversations revolved around their travel experiences, igniting a curiosity that transcended geographical boundaries. Martyna, who was in Wrocław for work purposes, felt the pull of destiny and decided to meet Jack, who was in Kraków. After a whirlwind meet-up and a charming day together, they parted ways without any expectations, just the promise of a heartbeat that perhaps wasn’t from running to catch a taxi.

Wedding Preparations at Rockley Park Holiday Park

Their wedding day began early and bathed in glorious sunlight at Rockley Park Holiday Park. Martyna prepared for her big day in the company of her family, who had traveled all the way from Poland to celebrate with her. Their choice of accommodation was a caravan at Rockley Park, a fantastic Haven “Five Star” Park with its boat park and award-winning rural beach. Martyna’s family’s infectious cheerfulness set the tone for a day full of joy and happiness. The bride’s entourage ensured that she would walk down the aisle with a radiant smile.

Rockley Park Holiday Park also added a touch of magic to the morning with a delightful surprise of balloons and champagne, setting the stage for a day of celebration and happiness.

An Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Registry Office in Poole

The ceremony took place at Poole Guildhall, a Registry Office in Poole, Dorset. This picturesque location features a wonderful, light-filled room and a magnificent curved staircase that provides an ideal backdrop for wedding photography. Martyna and Jack, like many couples during the pandemic, faced challenges due to restrictions and limitations. Only 16 people were allowed to participate in the ceremony, and their original plans had to be adjusted.

Hotel Miramar: Perfect Wedding Venue

The couple’s quest for the perfect wedding venue led them to the Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth, an elegant and romantic clifftop hotel that was originally built as a private residence in the Edwardian era. This exquisite venue captured the essence of an English country house by the sea, offering a splendid setting for their wedding. However, the journey to their dream wedding was not without its obstacles.

Martyna had to fly to Poland to retrieve her wedding dress and other essential items. Due to unexpected venue closures, she initially considered giving up on a wedding reception, opting for a simple ceremony and an afternoon with close family. However, Jack’s determination prevailed. He explored various options and ultimately found the Miramar Hotel, which offered the possibility of an intimate wedding, even during the pandemic.

As they faced the uncertainty of government permissions for weddings, they held onto hope, choosing to wait before requesting a refund from the hotel. Their patience was rewarded, and their love story took flight.

The Miramar Hotel: A Perfect Day

The Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth, with its Edwardian charm and picturesque clifftop location, provided the perfect setting for Martyna and Jack’s special day. The government eventually gave the green light for weddings, and the couple’s perseverance paid off.

In the end, their wedding was a testament to love’s resilience and the strength of their bond. Martyna and Jack proved that love can conquer any obstacle, even a global pandemic. Their love story, which began with a chance encounter in the world of digital dating, blossomed into a beautiful, intimate wedding in the heart of Bournemouth, where they embarked on their new journey as a married couple.


Martyna and Jack’s love story serves as a heartwarming reminder that love knows no boundaries, and even in the face of uncertainty, it can conquer all. Their Bournemouth wedding is a beautiful testament to the power of love and the importance of never giving up on your dreams, no matter the challenges that come your way. It’s a tale of love, resilience, and a perfect beginning to a lifetime of happiness together.

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