Destination Wedding in Italy – Parco Gambrinus

Destination Wedding in Italy – Parco Gambrinus

I am so excited to share a few highlights from the last small, intimate wedding at Parco Gambrinus in Italy I was able to photograph. The day was filled with love, laughter, and delicious food, and it will be one I’ll never forget.

I had the pleasure to photograph Anna & Gino. They came to the wedding of the beautiful historic Royce Royce which made a great impression on the guests.

The couple was very happy and excited about their wedding, especially because the ceremony took place in the beautiful Parco Gambrinus. The bride wore a stunning blue dress which perfectly complemented her beautiful skin tone.

An Intimate Wedding in Parco Gambrinus

The Gambrinus Park has been synonymous with professionalism and seriousness for over 150 years. Prestigious “period residence” and “historic place of Italy” where you can make the dream of your life come true by celebrating your wedding in a fairytale setting. The venue also has plenty of accommodations available so that guests can stay close by.

“Park, hospitality, cuisine” are expressions of the love and worship for the tradition that the Zanotto family has been putting into Gambrinus for four generations, offering the best services and proposing the most original solutions to make every moment of the event unforgettable.

To capture the attention of your guests, first of all will be the beautiful secular park of the location with suggestive green corners, various species of exotic animals in semi-liberty, sturgeons in the spring and a delightful wooden bridge in the bucolic scenery on the banks of the Lia river.

Are you planning your destination Wedding in Italy?

Italy is known for its culture, art, and incredible food. When you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy, you’ll find that the country has something to offer everyone!

When you are looking for a destination wedding in Italy, it’s important to consider all the options available. The first thing to think about is what kind of wedding you want. Do you want something traditional or modern? Are there any specific traditions or customs that are important to your family and friends?

If you’re looking for a traditional Italian wedding, then Parco Gambrinus might be a perfect choice!

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